Piloting Gas and Renewable Technology

Renew prides itself in offering its customers a wealth of expertise and quality technology catering for the biogas and solar energy sectors. As energy costs continue to rise, and the reliability of conventional electricity supply declines, many organisations, businesses and homeowners are looking to alternative renewable solutions for a more dependable source of energy.


Our technology is designed for the harsh African climate, catering for an array of gases suitable for gas-to-energy projects. These include:

  • Landfill Gas (LFG)
  • Biogas
  • Sewage Gas
  • Special gases (Pyrolysis, furnace etc.)

We design to meet stringent emission standards whilst providing accurate measurement systems appropriate to the need – whether it be for the Kyoto Protocol greenhouse gas emission and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) trading market, meeting local emission legislation or tailored to your personal requirement.

All CDM-ready equipment and instrumentation comes complete with certification applicable to meeting Certified Emission Reduction (CER) verification.

Technology for this application typically involves:

  • Membrane gas storage
  • Flares for all flammable gas applications
  • Chillers to remove moisture from the gas
  • Gas conditioning equipment to remove Sulphur and Siloxanes in landfill and biogas
  • Biogas upgrading (membrane separation and water scrubbing)
  • Gas blowers/boosters to increase pressure for delivery to engines, boilers or other energy end-use
  • Continuous gas analysers and flow meters – critical to plant operation and CDM
  • Spare parts and additional safety mechanisms including flame arrestors and monitoring equipment
  • Gas engine coolant & lubricating oils


  • Undertaking detailed gas analyses to establish LFG or Biogas composition in order to provide practical and effective solutions for gas cleaning, chilling and upgrading to meet end-use requirements
  • CDM consultation, compliance monitoring and plant trending
  • Advisory services in design and operation of landfill and biogas extraction systems for successful energy projects.


With the increased need for rooftop small scale embedded solar & power generation, Renew offers complete engineered and installed solar energy and backup battery solutions.