Biogas production and demand varies according to many factors; substrate composition, outside temperatures and fluctuations in gas usage are amongst some of them. Gas storage options create an ideal solution for variable usage of gas volumes depending on demand; whether your end use is gas engines, combined heat and power (CHP) or boilers.
Gas holders act as a “buffer” allowing for surplus gas to be stored when production is high while usage is lower. The reverse then applies when gas demands are high while production is lower.

The graph below gives a visual representation on how gas storage tanks compensate for fluctuations in production and consumption during base load operation.

renew gas storage south africa

The advantage of this is that your biogas plant can operate at high capacity without being hampered by fluctuating digester production – enabling you to continually operate at full load. This is also useful in conditions where your digesters are not being run 7 days a week. Adequate gas can be stored for periods when digesters are not operating and stored gas can then be used for plant startup when required. Renew offers a wide range of Sattler gas storage tanks designed to meet you specific criteria:

  • Required storage volume
  • Operating pressure
  • External loads (wind etc.)
  • Tank diameter (if retrofitting storage on top of existing digesters)
  • Agitator technology
  • Costs

If you would like to find out more on biogas storage options feel free to contact us.


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