Gas Cooling

Removing Moisture From the Gasbiogas chilling

The removal of moisture before delivery to gas engines or sensitive equipment is vital to the running of your plant and reduces downtime for maintenance. Condensate in your pipelines can result in reduced and erratic flow to the point of end use.


The gas chiller units dehumidify the gas by dropping the temperature of the gas to below dew point. This removes the vast majority of the water and ensures condensate does not form during any of the upstream processes.

Benefits of chilling gas:

  • Condensate build-up in the upstream gas pipeline is prevented
  • Some gas contaminates (especially Ammonia and Sulphur) which are soluble in water are partly removed through the chilling process.
    This results in a useful gas pre-treatment step
  • Less moisture enters your end-use equipment resulting in optimised combustion