Bisasar Road Landfill
Renew has been involved in the Bisasar Road LFG-to-electricity project since inception. We provided the bulk of the CDM equipment to this project including: flow meters, gas analysers, a high temperature CDM flare and blowers. For this particular project the control philosophy relies on the gas flare to deliver steady gas pressure and flow to the gas engines.

Renew are also contracted to manage the gas field and gas extraction system to ensure the field is tuned optimally to deliver gas to the flare and engines (capable of generating 6.5MW electricity) to the local grid.
Project Details
1x HOFGAS LPM 2000
2000Nm3/h flow capacity
2x Gas blowers (2500Nm3/h each)
- CDM measuring & data logging equipment
Launch Date:
March 2008
Durban Cleansing and Solid Waste (DSW)