Harmony Gold Steyn 1
Harmony Steyn biomas to energy project is a pilot initiative to utilise inarable mine land for the growth of energy crop. The energy crop is then processed in an anaerobic digestion plant to generate biogas as a renewable alternative for combustion in the mines smelters. Renew supplied a complete gas delivery package to process and store the biogas before it is delivered by large roots blowers along a 5km underground pipeline to the burners.
Project Details
Harmony Steyn 1 (Welkom)
4x Sattler CENO single layer AD roofs 12 m Ø
2x Sattler CENO biogas buffer bags (2100m3volume each)
1x Hofstetter MTF biogas flare 500Nm3/h capacity
1x Aprovis biogas chiller/drier
1x Duty/Standby roots blower station for up to 1500Nm3/h gas delivery
Launch Date:
September 2017