Gas Management

Gas Field Management

Correct management of your upstream gas source is the single most important aspect to a successful gas to energy project. Whether it be a landfill, sewage, mine or biogas application – incorrect field management will result in an ineffective project.


Renew has over 30 years experience in landfill gas extraction and leachate collection systems. We are involved in pioneering horizontal gas wells at the Bisasar Road Landfill site – optimising and modifications to the design are ongoing . This method is a lot cheaper in terms of capital cost per cubic metre of gas extracted and allows for much earlier extraction of gas than conventional vertical gas wells.

Apart from operating, tuning and optimising gas yields for delivery to your plant, we will gladly consult with you in the correct management of your gas source to ensure a good quality supply of gas to your point of use.


One of the major pitfalls to a successful landfill or biogas project is the lack of understanding of the principles and safety of gas. This includes (but not limited to) issues such as: correct pipe falls, condensate management, pressure loss and gas delivery. It is also vital to have a holistic understanding of the project as a whole and our expertise in the understanding of gas extraction and delivery requirements and project oversight proves invaluable to the success of these projects.